The Project

project LandSea

PROJECT NUMBER: 2021-1-FR01-KA220-ADU-000033483


The LandSea Project is developed from the shared observation of a lack of capacity of the territories and their actors to promote traditional activities of the land and sea.

In all the territories covered by the project (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, and Italy), initiatives have been carried out to promote only local rural products, but the producers have only benefited from communication support and not from the capacity building.

This lack of skills has been identified as a factor of weak local initiatives and higher value-added activities. Faced with the increasing ageing of local fisheries and aquaculture actors and the low attractiveness of these jobs, particularly for young people, it is necessary to strengthen their capacities and the ones of actors in the land and sea sectors in order to encourage innovation and the creation of new income-generating activities.

The LandSea project responds to unmet needs in the project territories in terms of capacity building for actors, particularly in terms of promotion and involvement in the territories.


Project Results

LandSea e-learning platform

The LandSea interactive learning platform aims to equip the target group with the skills and competencies developed by the LandSea Project. The platform is available on a modular structure and will combine all the results of the project. It will contain the training material for the valorisation of land and sea products in an attractive way in 6 languages.


LandSea Training Program

The LandSea training program aims to help train adults, actors of the targeted territories, and future "mentors" to strengthen their skills for the valorisation of the products of their territory coming from the land and the sea.


LandSea Guide

The LandSea Guide aims to strengthen the capacities and methods of engagement of our target groups. It will expose the methodology to be adopted, the activities to be carried out, and the different steps to be followed which will lead to the valorization of the products.


Virtual library

Bibliography and reference texts, examples of good practices, innovative practices in diversification, and links to resource organisations.



Target Groups

Future mentors, young people, local developers, project leaders, farmers, breeders, fishermen.

Adult workers / self-employment

VET actors and the maritime and agricultural sector

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