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Petra Patrimonia Corsica (PPC)

Coordinator - France

Petra Patrimonia Corsica is an activity and employment cooperative divided into 3 main departments:

  1. MARITIMA aims to the valorization, conservation and revitalization of maritime heritage, such as assisting fishermen in developing complementary activities and supporting and accompanying maritime & marine project holders (entrepreneurs) in diversifying their traditional activities, notably pescatourism.
  2. FOLIA aims to promote innovation in the agriculture sector
  3. PATRIMONIA aims to the valorization, conservation and revitalization of heritage, landscape and environment

It is also involved in forward-looking projects, promoting sustainable tourism, the blue economy, sustainable development and social innovation, with significant experience in EU-funded projects, both as coordinator and partner. Petra Patrimonia Corsica acts as a business support organization, fostering entrepreneurship and contributing to territorial cohesion. It also offers high-level training opportunities organized and certified by Qualiopi.

AVA Creations


Foundation AVA Creations is a Bulgarian NGO working actively in the field of European cooperation in education and training, including vocational training. It was established in 2016 with the main aim to support the development of businesses and communities through encouragement of innovation, creativity and vocational training.

Currently, one of the main priorities of the foundation is to put forward and implement project initiatives on local, national and EU level aiming at influencing the process of personal development and life-long learning. AVA strives to foster innovative approaches in all sectors through partners networking, sharing experience and engagement of all stakeholders.

Among AVA’s objectives are to encourage social, economic, cultural and educational co-operation on local, and national level. As well as to support common initiatives for improvement of the quality of life through education, transfer of knowledge, cultural exchange and social integration.

In order to accomplish the above mentioned objectives AVA experts work closely with multiple national and international partners including educational institutions, municipalities, NGOs and other legal and physical entities active in the field of VET.

AVA experts participate constantly in different national and international meetings, conferences, courses and seminars on the topic of VET development and enhancement, intercultural relations and communications, cultural co-operation and lifelong learning opportunities.

The Mediterranean Centre of Environment


The MCE is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 by a Franco-Hellenic team willing to promote sustainable development and intercultural cooperation in the Balkan and Mediterranean countries.

It aims to:

  • promote sustainable local development based on preserved and enhanced natural and cultural heritage
  • raise awareness of the population, particularly young people, on the need to protect their heritage and their environment

The MCE acts in 3 main domains: sustainable and alternative tourism; non-formal innovative training; and natural & cultural heritage enhancement. It has recently developed a department supporting alternative tourism products in Greek rural areas.



Medoro is an Italian organization that has its own mission in promoting local sustainable development, social cohesion, international cooperation and above all youth – through self-employment

Over 15 years of activity, Medoro has promoted and managed, directly or in partnership with Public and Private Entities, numerous training, territorial development and transnational cooperation projects.

Medoro believes that youth work and youth employment pass through engagement and dialogue between educational institutions, families and businesses and that it is necessary to change the way we see and think about our own professional future (not necessarily a single job, as an employee, for the rest of our lives), aiming, from an early age, to the need to acquire entrepreneurial mentality and propensity to innovation.

Medoro is  committed to promoting the involvement of public institutions and local actors who are protagonists of development processes and, in particular, to facilitate the participation of the main actors involved in the “education-training-work-entrepreneurship” chain, to the initiatives of territorial cooperation, youth mobility, design and experimentation of innovative and valued European training tools.”

AgriFood Institute of Aragon


The AgriFood Institute of Aragon (IA2) is a university research structure with mixed funding (UNIVERSIDAD DE ZARAGOZA-CITA), originated in response to the joint concerns of a large community of researchers from different areas of the agrifood sciences who wished to join forces in a university research structure that could create new synergies, optimize resources, associate their shared concerns and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. They desired to create a research environment with ideal conditions to carry out ambitious, highly competitive R&D&I activities of the highest calibre, with the best possible funding and a maximum potential impact on the agrifood sector in the region of Aragon (Spain).

IA2 was created with the goal of serving as a benchmark of excellence in the agrifood area at regional, national and international levels:

  • Congregating a number of researchers who are specialized in different links in the food chain
  • Encouraging interaction and coordination among disciplines as a factor that multiplies each specialty’s capacities
  • Sharing experience, structures, services, resources and techniques.

IA2 has 4 departments and around 300 researchers  organized in four areas:
Department 1 – Production of Raw Materials of Vegetable Origin
Department 2 – Production of Raw Materials of Animal Origin
Department 3 – Food science and technology
Department 4 – Agri-food and natural resource economics



PCX Computers & Information Systems Ltd is a Cypriot SME, with high expertise in applying innovative technology solutions in education. It was established in 1998 in the beginning of educational reformation due to Technology and World Wide Web development.  

As an ICT consulting company, PCX has the capacity and the knowledge to promote the benefits of the application of ICT solutions and the adoption of digital solutions at enterprise and educational level. 

Its core business is focused on 3 main lines of expertise:

  1. Consulting & Advising: Highly specialized services to support SMEs development;
  2. Education & Training: Innovative training methods and tools, training materials and contents’ production on different areas of business development;
  3. Specialised software development and web designing and development. 

FAR Maremma


FAR Maremma is a public-private company recognized by the Tuscany Region as responsible for the implementation of the “Community-Led Local Development Leader” in the province of Grosseto.

It has been operating since 2002 as a Local Action Group (LAG) for the management of LEADER programming by involving local representatives in decision-making processes. Its area of interest extends into 26 municipalities in southern Tuscany. FAR Maremma sustains projects aimed at rural development in 3 main thematic areas as per the Integrated Local Development Strategy:

  1. Sustainable tourism
  2. Improvement of the quality of life in rural areas
  3. Increase in the diversification of the local economies

Since 2016 the LAG F.A.R. Maremma is also the lead partner of the Fishery Local Action Group FLAG Costa degli Etruschi which includes part of Grosseto and Livorno provinces and aims to:

  1. Develop and innovate local production chains and systems
  2. Enhancement of environmental and natural resources
  3. Support economic and social diversification in the fisheries sector
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