NEWSLETTER 2 – March 2023

An important work session of the seven partners of the LandSea project took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 22 to 24 February, excellently hosted and organized by the AVA Creations Foundation and expertly coordinated by the lead partner Petra Patrimonia.

In an atmosphere of great collaboration and stimulating intercultural humus, a “three days” of intense and productive exchange and comparison activities took place among over 20 participants, coming from the five countries of the partnership, aimed at training 14 “mentors” or ” ambassadors” of the territory focused on the promotion of excellent products from rural and maritime areas. Everyone worked with great enthusiasm, realizing their commitment in the presentation of some tourist circuit hypotheses based on the valorisation of local products “from land and sea”: this will constitute, among other things, an excellent basis for the realization of the “pilot action ” expected later. Here are the brief testimonials of the seven partners.