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The LandSea Project

Strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit and the cooperation capacities of local actors, and participants in the identity of the territories through the production of local products from land to sea.

About the LandSea Project

The traditional activities of fishing and marine farming and agriculture are strong images of the identity of island and coastal territories.

These two economic sectors are composed of a large majority of small or micro-enterprises, very often family-owned. Faced with competition from globalized markets, small local productions are struggling to maintain their economic position. Despite the recent emergence of new dynamics, artisanal fishing and traditional agriculture remain unattractive to young people and the average age of entrepreneurs is very high.

The LandSea project responds to unmet needs in the project territories in terms of capacity building of actors, particularly in the promotion and commitment to the territories.

Project Results

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Training Program



Discover the LandSea mentors and main local stakeholders!

The joint promotion of produce and know-how from land and sea depends on people who can motivate various players in the agricultural, tourism and local development sectors.

Priorities & Outcomes

The LandSea project is based on a systems approach to territories and the initial and ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers, trainers and mentors who support adult learners based on digital, open and effective education and pedagogy.

It aims to provide local mentors and adult education organizations with a training program to strengthen the entrepreneurship of adult learners/workers related to the coastal and agricultural economy and to develop new entrepreneurial initiatives, both in these two sectors (green and blue economy) for a higher added value of the territories.

Target Groups

Future mentors, young people, local developers, project leaders, farmers, breeders, fishermen.

Adult workers / self-employment

VET actors and the maritime and agricultural sector

Project Partners

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